My Mom “Uniform”

I think it’s a running joke amongst all Moms that we have a basic “uniform”. For each mom that uniform is different, some are constantly in gym clothes, yoga pants, or jeans and tee shirts, but for me, it’s ever-so-slightly different.

My mom uniform consists of 4 essential pieces that can be mixed and matched all day every day for a comfortable yet stylish look.

I start with a high-waist (preferably elastic waist too ­čśë ) patterned skirt, add a fun graphic tee, top it off with a cardigan or some kind of lightweight outerwear, and finish it off with my white converse.

Easy, right? Not only is it super easy to put together, but it always looks casually cute and laid back, and not to mention that it’s such a comfortable look! I can easily run after the boys, go on a Target run, and then cook dinner later on, without feeling like I need to change my clothes.

Everything is always machine washable so I’m not fretting about getting anything “dirty” if the boys and I decide to break out the arts and crafts either!

Two of my go-to skirts for my uniform are a navy and white polka dot skirt, and a black bright floral patterned wrap skirt. My favorite tee is hands down McConaughey, because well, McConaughey (que the alright alright alright here).

What’s your “Mom Uniform”?

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Ditching the Diaper Bag

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One of the biggest myths I debunked┬áafter the birth of my first child was that every mom needs an adorable overpriced diaper bag full of every little thing a baby could possibly need to take care of them for an entire week and that you as a good mom must take this luggage every place you go with your child. After the first few months of outings with my diaper bag aka “weekend overnight bag”, it became apparent to me that I was traveling with entirely too much stuff, and making an outing with the baby much more difficult that it needed to be.

The transition to caring for two kids while living an on-the-go lifestyle hasn’t been much different. I admit I thought I might need to break out the old diaper bag, but instead of caving I analyzed what it was I really needed when I left the house, and packed my purse to fit the needs of me and my boys.


Being able to carry my own fabulous fashionable bag as opposed to a huge diaper bag has been such a relief and has considerably helped me feel more like myself and really own my “mom style”. While you can’t carry a small little cross body and make it work as a personal bag and diaper bag because of space constraints, any reasonable sized purse will do.

To keep things organized and make sure I don’t have to spend several minutes digging through my bag for something I divided my bag up into two different make-up bags. One is full of my needs while the other is filled with all the things I may need for the boys while I’m out. So you can be a cool mom too and keep flossin’ your fabulousness, I’ve outlined what to pack your purse with in order to ditch the diaper bag!


The Boys Bag: 

(I used one about the size of a tablet for this)

  • 2 Diapers of each size
  • Wipes
  • Snacks for Cash (granola bar & cheese crackers are his current favs)
  • Pacifier
  • Extra onesie & socks for the newborn


Mommy’s Bag

(used a 5×7 sized bag for this)

  • Lipgloss & Neutral Lip Color
  • Concealer Compact with Mirror
  • Hair Ties
  • Bobby Pins (you can never have enough of these)
  • Body Spray
  • Hairspray
  • Extra pair of earring backs
  • U┬áby Kotex┬« Click┬« Tampons
  • U┬áby Kotex┬« Barely There Liners
  • U┬áby Kotex┬« Cleanwear┬« Pads


Both bags need to be restocked with different items at regular intervals. While I have to add more diapers to the boys bag almost daily, I only have to replace my travel sized hairspray and U by Kotex® products once a month. I love that I can easily pick up all the goodies to restock my bag in one place at CVS Pharmacy.


After being pregnant for basically 10 months, I found it refreshing that┬áU┬áby Kotex┬« products are so cute! All the wrappers are in fun colors and have the greatest little designs on them which makes them fit into my fashionable purse that much more! I feel like┬áU┬áby Kotex┬« products were specifically designed for me. They’re even encouraging us ladies to share what we really want in the realm of feminine hygiene with the period project, join the conversation by clicking this link!


To finish off my diaper bag ditch I also keep the following few items neatly in my bag:

  • Sunglasses
  • Business Cards
  • Wallet
  • Monthly Planner
  • Gel Pen
  • Energy Bar
  • Nursing Cover (doubles as car seat cover too!)


Staying on trend helps me maintain my sense of self during this crazy hectic transition into multi-child parenthood, and carrying one bag that’s organized well is so much easier than bringing multiple bags everywhere I go. How do you stay true to yourself when life gets crazy? Share your story with┬áU┬áby Kotex┬« and let them know what you need by following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!



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Dressing for Surprises! Birthday Weekend Wear Day 3

So, yesterday my mother-in-law took me shopping for a special outfit for my birthday! I love shopping with anyone, but especially people who can be HONEST about what does/doesn’t look good on a persons body! While I’m always honest with everyone because I feel like it’s better for someone to hate me for 5 minutes than to hate themselves for wearing something awful and seeing a picture of it later, some people just aren’t able to exert that kind of honestly. Thankfully, my mother-in-law is an honest person, and she gives me that kind of feedback I’m looking for when contemplating outfit options!


Back to the story.. James is surprising me and I have ZERO idea what we’re doing! He told me to dress comfortably, but to be honest I’m perfectly comfortable to go buy Steampunk dresses and wear those, too, so he referred to our Valentine’s Canoeing Adventure and told me to dress in a similar manor. On our canoeing adventure I wore shorts, a tee shirt, and tennis shoes. Now, I’m all for fun outdoor activities, but this IS MY Birthday, I’m not going to look shabby! I won’t have fun if I don’t feel like I look 100% (this is an actual real thing, a lot of people don’t understand, but if I’m not feeling good about how I look, I literally have anxiety attacks and don’t want to be anywhere). So while searching for something fabulous and fun, my mother-in-law and I FINALLY found the cutest outfit at Target!


This is totally 70’s inspired, but I love it SO MUCH. This whole outfit came from Target, and was less than $50! These orange shorts are made of extremely durable and long lasting polyester, and the “cold-shoulder” top is so chic and flowy it pairs perfectly! The top is very thin, which will ensure I don’t get overheated if we happen to be outdoors, and I can literally walk anywhere and everywhere in these simple brown sandals with gold trim!


I feel so confident in what I’m wearing, and don’t feel like I look almost 30!!! With my early 20’s behind me I’m super stoked to look towards the future, especially if that future involves more amazingly comfortable and fashionable poly shorts!




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Weekend Western Wear (AGAIN!)

Today will be such a fun day! While the weather is chillier I have plans to go shopping with my wonderful Grandmother! Cash and I will be meeting up with her in the mid-morning for shopping, followed by lunch! I can’t wait! My Grandmother is such a fun and wonderful person to hang out with! And she happens to also be who I take after shopping wise! The last time I was at her house I stayed the night, and went to hang some clothes in the closet in her spare room. Much to my surprise I found an entire closet full of goodies she had purchased and hadn’t even worn yet! I love that I’m not the only person who buys something and just can’t wear it til “the right occasion”.


That’s exactly how I felt about┬áthis breezy dress I found at CottonOn a few weeks ago, like yea it looks good no matter what and can be dressed up or down, but I wanted the RIGHT moment for this dress and today is that day! Nothing more special than a date day with Grams to break out a new dress in!


Since it’s been much more on the cooler side (highs of only 62 today!) I threw this awesome lace-sleeve great sweater from The Limited over the dress, and paired it with maroon tights from Target, and my cowgirl boots were the perfect shoe for the outfit!


I LOVE this necklace I got from Francesca’s Collections over the holidays and have been DYING to wear it too! If I’m breaking out the new dress I may as well complete the look with a new necklace!


This outfit is so fun, warm, and comfortable! I love how cute I still feel, while totally being able to keep up with Grandma and her power shopping while pushing Cash around all day!



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Rose Gold Love

Rose gold made a comeback in 2012, and while it’s slowly started to fade away again, I found this amazing necklace at H&M on clearance for $3 and I HAD to do something with it! I forgot how much rose gold compliments a variety of different colors! For this look, since I wanted to keep it casual, I let the necklace stand out against a black and white patterned cotton dress.


I accessorized using a great rose gold skinny belt and simple bow bracelet from The Limited. Since it’s still a little chillier outside, I paired the dress with awesome opaque black tights and black Sam&Libby boots from Target.


I love the simplicity of this outfit, I feel like it’s really appropriate for a variety of occasions, and if I wanted to dress it up, it’d be as simple as swapping the boots for close-toed black heels! This is another one that just feels awesome when you wear it, it’s figure flattering to any and all body types, and it provides plenty of coverage for playing with the babies too!


I had so much fun shooting this look in my baby brothers new HUGE backyard! The nature all around makes me so happy!!



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