Yellow Florals

Nothing says spring like a floral dress right? Wanna double the spring-i-ness of the look? Make it a yellow floral dress. I didn’t think with blonde hair I’d be able to pull of yellow, but this particular color is just the right shade. It’s not too “mustard” and not too pale, making it the perfect shade for my blonde not to blend in.

James bought me these Marc Fisher wedges for my birthday and I have been in LOVE with them ever since. They are so easy to walk in, and give me just the right amount of extra height. I love that the carmel color goes so well with everything, and small perforated details on the top make them super on-trend for 2017.

This dress really makes a statement and the material is so light, that I didn’t want my accessories to overpower the outfit, so I finished this look with my Kendra Scott Tassel necklace, and Bourbon & Bowties bangles.

If you’re looking for cute brunch attire ideas this is a great one. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. The fitted top accentuates my bust and smaller waist, and the pleats underneath the bust give me plenty of room for pancakes.

This outfit feels so perfect for the Spring to Summer transition. What do you think?


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Happy 1st Day of Spring!


Spring is finally officially here! Not that it matters much in Florida where we pretty much just alternate from hot to less hot, but for fashion it’s a wonderful time! I get so tired and worn out looking at drab winter colors for months at at time that when spring arrives in stores I can’t help but want to buy everything. To celebrate the first day of spring today I put together my favorite new look which works well both for short girls and pregnant women alike, and NONE of the items I purchased were Petite or Maternity!


High-waisted shorts are a great way to elongate a shorter leg, and picking colors that contrast highly with your skin tone can help you appear thinner as well! I grabbed these Cuffed Linen Shorts from Old Navy in blush and a great olive for the spring. These will last throughout the end of my pregnancy too thanks to the drawstring/elastic waist band, which gives me lots of extra room to grow while still looking great!



To keep things bright and cozy I opted for a great Pleated Cocoon Top also at Old Navy. This shirt is slightly oversized making it really comfortable and breezy. Tucking it into the shorts also helps elongate my short legs and torso in the most flattering way, but it’s also long enough that it will pair nicely with a pair of jeans later on.  I love how perfectly the colors in the floral pattern compliment the blush color of the shorts.


I kept the accessories light today since that pattern of my shirt is so bold. I just completed my look with the Reese Bar Pendant from Charming Charlie and brown Lavina Slide Sandals from Target.


Now I’m ready to go smell the roses! If you’re interested in any of these pieces you can pick them up here on ShopStyle. 



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Boyfriend Button Downs


I went through a phase through middle and high school where Old Navy ruled my fashion life. I shopped there almost exclusively for a very long time, however when I started my fashion journey in 2007 I started to shy away from the trends of my past, and I left Old Navy behind me. Flash forward to this year, I stepped in one while shopping with my mother and everything was perfect again! I found jeans that fit my awkwardly shaped body, amazing sundresses, easy and appropriate skirts, and my favorite: The Boyfriend Button Down.


This shirt is awesome to wear with skinny jeans, or even short-y shorts for a super fun and flirty look! I love that it fits so incredibly comfortably and is such an easy piece! The styling possibilities are endless with this shirt, now I just have to go back and buy one in every color!


I wore this pink boyfriend button down with my white Rockstar super skinny jeans, turquoise flats from Forever 21, and a simple turquoise beaded necklace! This outfit was great for an afternoon lunch date with my momma and Cash, and carried so well into the evening when James and I went to the movies! It’s a great and easy outfit that everyone should have on hand, as it’s super flattering to every shape and size!


On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink,


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Pattern on PLAID-ern


To say that I love a good pattern-on-pattern look is an understatement to say the least. While lately I have been really enjoying more simple, refined wardrobe choices, I still can’t get over my love of this trend. Today I’m rocking it so super country-chic that to quote Plies “I am feelin’ myself today bruh”.


I paired this fun H&M red&navy plaid shirt with my navy and white sunburst skirt from Old Navy. I finished off the country look with a turquoise and gold floral statement necklace from Francesca’s Collections, simple bangles from The Limited and Michael Kors, and these phenomenal ivory jazz shoes that my mother bought me for my birthday!!!


This look is super comfortable, and cute for any occasion, it would be especially great for Memorial Day or the Fourth! I love that the skirt provides enough coverage to really slim my legs and my tummy, and the shirt is more fitted, to really accentuate my hourglass shape. Again, the outfit is so easy, stylish, and effortless, you could wear it just on a random humpday like I’m doing!


Mad for Plaid,


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Wear what you’re "mint" to!


Old Navy has really surprised me this season, and pretty much become my go-to store for great fits. Yesterday I was obsessing over their skinny jeans, and now I’ve moved on to this awesome high-waited flowy skirt I picked up there on the same day. I’m going back to slowly buy every color of Super Skinnys they have, and this skirt in different patterns and colors has also been added to my must-have for Spring&Summer!


From a distance the skirt looks like it’s Navy with White Polka Dots, but when you look a little closer, you’ll find that they aren’t white polka dots, they are white sunbursts, just a subtle difference, but it allows you to get more funky with your outfit planning.

While this skirt can really look great with ANY solid colored top, I chose to brighten up the skirt with a mint crew neck sweater from H&M ($10), and a really awesome coral&lavender statement necklace which I found for $5 at Walmart (I was beyond stunned to see this piece there, especially for such a great deal!).


I really like how the looks is very polished and “pretty” without being super frilly or “adorable”, the necklace really maintains a fashion forward edge even if it looks like I’m wearing polka dots, and the contrast of the coral with the mint is so fun for the season! I just threw on basic patent-leather nude flats and went on my merry way with my hair scooped up out of my face.


The skirt is certainly long enough to keep me covered, and since it starts at the smallest part of my body and has little pleats throughout, it does a wonderful job of concealing my troubled areas, and keeping me comfortable AND confident! I now own the skirt in solid yellow, and white/coral floral print as well! When you find something that makes you feel good, look good, and can be worn for multiples occasions, you grab it in every color…


On my shopping date day with my grandmother, we used some $10 of $25 purchase coupons at Macys to score big with some jewelry sales! I grabbed these 2 BCBG bracelets (plus 2 more to set aside for upcoming bday gifts) and spent less than $20! The one that says “JAMES A” on it can be changed to spell out basically anything, and I really love having a constant reminder to “stay positive” on my wrist!


This is such a fun look for spring! I’m really excited to wear this skirt in so many different ways too! It’s great for a date day, or with heels and a lacy top at a semi-formal event! Soooo many different options!!!! I picked a pop of red for my lips because this time red lips are unexpected and red provides such a wonderful compliment to coral in the necklace, as well as a beautiful contrast with the mint on the sweater!


Mint & Sunbursts,


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Winter White in the Florida Sun


It’s very difficult for me to find a jean that fits me perfectly being that I am only 4’10” and curvier than an average chick. Finding jeans that don’t give me “muffin top” is hard enough, but to add to that I also have to find jeans that aren’t an entire foot too long, it’s a damn near impossible task.


While shopping at Old Navy last week I found my unicorn. I was in search of white denim because it’s going to be a must have for the upcoming Spring and Summer season, and Old Navy had some that were so soft on sale for $30! I thought to myself, “these look perfect, but I bet they won’t have my size”. However after only digging through 2 piles of denim under the display table I was able to find my size in SHORT length. I quickly ran them to the register without even trying them on, afraid I would drop them and someone would steal my unicorn.


When I got home I was a little skeptical, I thought for sure they wouldn’t fit right, even as I was trying them on, and buttoning them without having to lay on the bed. I zipped them up and sure enough! They were perfect! Such a wonderful fit! All short curvy girls our denim is here!! HOORAH! They are the Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans and they are the most amazing fit ever!


No muffin top! No elephant ankles! Just perfect denim made to accentuate our assets, and hide our troubled areas! I love a denim on denim look always, and the contrast in these denims is simply perfect for a fun casual look! I threw on my super sassy red peep-toe flats from H&M, and grabbed my red cardigan before heading out the door in this super cute and stylish outfit of the day!


I kept my make-up simple, while part of me did want to do a red-lip, I felt it would have just looked too obvious with the red shoes and cardigans, and I hate for anything to seem too predictable in my ensembles!



If you have trouble finding the right jean for your body type, I definitely recommend trying on a pair of Rockstar Super Skinny’s at Old Navy, they claim to be perfect for every body type and after my experience I totally believe it!


Rockstar Denim,


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Memorial Day Weekend Wear!

So everyone (well most everyone except for me) get’s a 3 day weekend where they can enjoy friends and family BBQ’s, the park, the beach, the boat, and shopping all the magnificent sales on Monday. You obviously want to look good because people don’t know you have friends and family unless they tag you in pics on IG or FB, so you need some photo-flattering attire that you won’t sweat your ass off in, that has some Patriotic flare, and is easy to run around with the kids in. Well here we go, an outfit for any occasion you may partake in on this lovely scorcher of a weekend!


Backyard BBQ

For an outdoorsy activity this weekend it’s most important to keep your cool, literally. It’s going to be SO SO HOT (well techinically I don’t know where you are, but in FL it’s gunna be) so I choose to rock some comfy white denim shorts (The Limited 40% off right now!), with one of The Limited’s new tie-front sleeveless blouses in chambray with light polka dots, tan sandals, a really awesome straw fedora, a pop of red with a statement necklace, and my fav red Ray-Bans! Get me a burger stat! 😉


Beachin’ it up

I think every woman should own a red swimsuit, I have one, so everyone should, red is a power color and it triggers certain emotions, it can make you feel sexier, make you appear sexier, and it’s just altogether fun and flattering on every skin tone! I paired my swimsuit (because if you’re going to the beach you should be wearing one) with a simple navy and white striped cotton dress (Old Navy $10), gold belt to accent a small waist, anchor pendant, and some adorable red heart-shaped sunnies. Sometimes it’s all about the subtle details!


Shopping the sales

Any kind of sleeve for me this weekend is going to have to be worn indoors, for sure. I bought this amazing dress as part of my Frannies BOGO 50% off Mother’s Day treat, and I’ve been dying to wear it in public around people that will compliment it (let’s be honest with ourselves ladies, isn’t that really why we wear cute stuff anyway?), so if I weren’t working I would totally be hitting up the clearance ranks and brunching with Grandmother on Monday in this cute little red and white striped dress. I love the sweetheart neckline, and it has the perfect length sleeve for me since it covers up the part of my arm where my fat is all living! Small details of gold chained accessories really let the dress stand out on it’s own without making it seem bland, paired with my favorite crocheted Steve Madden flats, a cream colored cross body and gold-accented sunnies from Francesca’s Collections complete the look!


Anything Else…

Bringing back some old Dirty South Couture days, but I totally had to…I ADORE Paisley, it’s like my 17th favorite thing on the planet, so when I saw this spaghetti-strapped blue bandana paisley dress for $12.95 at h&m I had to…(plus I had a $6 Wrapp coupon…that app is the best!!). To really put the WILD in western wear, I jazzed this up with a really awesome red, white and blue horse-printed silk scarf from The Limited (2012 collection), a fun red, white & blue striped fedora, tan antiquated-gold watch (Francesca’s Collections $28), and my go-to tan sandals (again ONLY $12 at Target!). This is what I will most definitely wearing to my mother-in-laws cookout this evening!!!





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