Plan for Life.

best planner 2018

This year I’m all about manifesting the life I want and having a plan to make that life mine. Admittedly, I’m basically the MOST type B person there is. I go with the flow so much sometimes I forget where the flow was supposed to be taking me in the first place and that can be an issue when you actually need to get some shit done. I got 2 planners for Christmas this year and they are both so […]

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For the Love of Disney! Our #disneyside @homecelebration!

In January I got news that I was selected by MomSelect to host an exciting party full of Disney fun!!! The MomSelect team put together these great packages full of pixie dust with all the ingredients to host an amazing celebration centered around a Disney theme! We got a general Mickey/Minnie theme, and I thought since Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching at the time, a Love&Disney party would be wonderful! It’s so much fun to watch Cash play with other […]

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Super Bowl Party

Things have been so hectic I cannot believe it’s been over a month since my last blog. To get started I went back to work, very part time, but nonetheless that has taken a lot of energy from me, and while Cash is wonderfully sleeping through the night, he’s very awake and alert during the day leaving me with little time to write before I need to crash as well. We did however throw a very fun Super Bowl party!! […]

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