Plaid – ly in Love.

plaid top ruffle

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with plaid. Call me Scottish- which I am- but there’s just something about the different criss-crossed patterns of fun and different colors together that just really speaks to me. However, I’ve never really cared too much for how a basic plaid button down looks on my body without jazzing it up a bit. When I found this adorable plaid top at Target It had to be mine. The sleeves fit so much […]

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Layering. Winter in Florida

florida winter outfit

Being a Florida native, I don’t deal with cold weather really well. Like honestly I am really enjoying the chance to dress in warmer clothing, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get to do it very often. Layering has been so much fun for me over the past few weeks as the weather has been cooler. I’ve gotten a couple staple pieces that have proved extremely versatile for the cold weather we’ve been having. I paired these three staples […]

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Mood for 2018

christmas outfit inspo

Happy New Year! I don’t ever really make resolutions at the start of each year but I do get a really good feeling about this one. James got me a great planner for the year from Danielle Laporte that really helps focus on manifesting what you want from life as opposed to just scheduling things. This year I do feel really empowered to take on what I want, and really push myself to accomplish all my goals. This year I’ll […]

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A Shift in the Spring

Spring’s latest trend combines inspired design from the sixties with the pastel popularity of the eighties to form a flattering new modern must-have. A proper fitting shift dress is flattering on any and every body type, and grabbing it in comfortable and growing-bump-friendly cotton makes this one purchase I won’t regret heading into the third trimester! Since Easter is tomorrow, today I really wanted to play up the pastel with accessories, so I paired this mint green dress(Francesca’s Collections) with […]

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Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Spring is finally officially here! Not that it matters much in Florida where we pretty much just alternate from hot to less hot, but for fashion it’s a wonderful time! I get so tired and worn out looking at drab winter colors for months at at time that when spring arrives in stores I can’t help but want to buy everything. To celebrate the first day of spring today I put together my favorite new look which works well both […]

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Rockin’ the Romper.

I’ve only ever owned ONE other romper prior to this one, and I didn’t even purchase it. I wasn’t fond of what I was wearing and a friend let me borrow-and-never-return one from her closet that by the grace of God Almighty somehow fit. I’ve always had an issue with the way they fit my body because I have the hips of a tall person and the stature of Nicole Ritchie. For me rompers either are entirely inappropriately too tight […]

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Winter White in the Florida Sun

It’s very difficult for me to find a jean that fits me perfectly being that I am only 4’10” and curvier than an average chick. Finding jeans that don’t give me “muffin top” is hard enough, but to add to that I also have to find jeans that aren’t an entire foot too long, it’s a damn near impossible task. While shopping at Old Navy last week I found my unicorn. I was in search of white denim because it’s […]

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Weekend Western Wear (AGAIN!)

Today will be such a fun day! While the weather is chillier I have plans to go shopping with my wonderful Grandmother! Cash and I will be meeting up with her in the mid-morning for shopping, followed by lunch! I can’t wait! My Grandmother is such a fun and wonderful person to hang out with! And she happens to also be who I take after shopping wise! The last time I was at her house I stayed the night, and […]

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Spring without Splurging

Recently I joined Kohls Yes 2 You Rewards group. This group is awesome! You simply sign up online and earn points for every purchase you make online or in-store! For every 100 points ($1 per point, sometimes you can earn double points) you receive $5 in Kohls cash to use at the end of each month! In December I purchased tons of stuff for my family for Christmas, and this month I used all those awesome rewards to get $15 […]

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