Basics x Tampa

Sometimes all you need is a great outfit filled with the basics to look your best. I have 3 go-to pieces that I’ve bought in several different colors that always look incredible on! All you need is a great sneaker, skinny jean, and baggy tee and you’re all set with the most basic, comfortable and casual outfit. This look is great for a casual weekend out shopping, a laid-back dinner with friends or family, or just perusing the farmer’s market on a lazy Sunday.

While we moved to Celebration in March, I still come back to Tampa often because let’s be honest: a) Nordstrom and b) Celebration is part of Kissimmee which is basically one hour from Tampa or 45 minutes from Downtown Orlando, so it’s not that much farther of a drive, and I have so many friends in Tampa that it’s nice to get together and catch up.

I’ll be in Tampa much more often since I was recently selected to be the Regional Leader of Style Collective for the Tampa area. I’m currently in the process of putting together our next 4 blogger events, so if you’re a blogger in the area check these out because they aren’t JUST for Style Collective Sisters (i.e. you CAN sit with us)

on 9/17 After everyone has calmed down from Fashion Week, we’ll be having a photography meet-up in Celebration

and on

10/06 We’ll be having a themed Halloween Costume Party! This party is going to be a blast, as we dress up and celebrate both Halloween and Fashion with this fun event!


Back to the basics:

Skinny Jeans. I probably wear these distressed black skinny jeans more than I should but I can’t help it! They fit SO incredibly well. I can’t say it enough ladies: mid-rise rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy are really bae. The denim is really high quality but has an amazing amount of stretch to it for comfort. They also make these in so many different fashionable colors, rises, and distressed levels, so they look like legit designer jeans for a fraction of the price!

Baggy Tees. I am NOT brand loyal when it comes to an oversized tee shirt, if it looks like it’s got a lot of room and is under $15, it’s basically coming home with me. This happens to be one I picked up at Target when they were 2/$9, but I also love basic tops from LOFT so much! They are always the perfect soft cotton with the baggiest most flattering fit!

Sneakers. I feel like your sneakers should really reflect your personality. They’re your own shot in an all basics outfit to really stand out and make it your own. These Adidas Superstars I feel sum up my style as a blogger: slightly vintage, slightly preppy and classic. I had a pink version when Superstars rose to popularity in the early 00’s and I’ll have a different version every year until they stop selling them I swear to you.

Being fun and fashion forward is such a blast, but honestly it’s not what I dress like 70% of the time. If you run into me at Target I’m most likely in an outfit just like this or my “mom uniform” lol.

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Doughnut worry, they’re Mini – Mini Doughnut Factory Tampa


Doughnuts are one of my favorite treats. They remind me of when I was growing up, Mom would always get chocolate milk and a box of Entenmann’s chocolate covered yellow cake doughnuts for breakfast on the weekends and I really enjoyed sharing those moments in the morning with her. I want my kids to have those special memories they can reminisce upon when they’re older with food as well, and being 7 months pregnant any excuse for something sweet strikes my fancy these days. So, after noticing my blogger friend Jenn of This Jenn Girl go ON and ON about one local doughnut shop in particular, I had to check them out for myself.


The Mini Doughnut Factory has been one of the best recommendations I have ever tried, after having 3 in the store, and taking 6 home with me the first time, I could definitely understand exactly why Jenn was raving so fanatically about this place. The extensive menu options they have to offer in the doughnut&coffee area is phenomenal, from Fruity Pebbles to my personal fav the Sweet Pig (maple+bacon heaven) any and all palettes are sure to be satisfied here.


The doughnuts are also the perfect size for someone who wants to try a little bit of everything as well! Because they aren’t super huge or overly filling I can enjoy about 4 different flavors without putting myself into a sugar coma, so you won’t end up regretting them later on in the day! While you’re there you also MUST try the cold brewed coffee, paired with 3-6 mini’s the cold brewed coffee on ice with half and half is a very well balanced breakfast if I do say so myself.


While it’s almost impossible to pick favorites with all the delicious options available, my top picks to try here are: The Sweet Pig (maple+bacon), Rice Krispies, and the Campfire (graham cracker+chocolate+marshmallow). If you plan on ordering some and eating them there, go ahead and also prepare yourself to buy some to take home with you too. You can’t have too many mini-doughnuts!


Mini Doughnut Factory is located off Dale Mabry & Bay to Bay in Tampa, FL. You can find their hours of operation and address here.

Local Eats & Sweet Treats,


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Spring without Splurging

Recently I joined Kohls Yes 2 You Rewards group. This group is awesome! You simply sign up online and earn points for every purchase you make online or in-store! For every 100 points ($1 per point, sometimes you can earn double points) you receive $5 in Kohls cash to use at the end of each month! In December I purchased tons of stuff for my family for Christmas, and this month I used all those awesome rewards to get $15 in Kohls Cash, making this awesome spring purchase free!!!


I wanted something with a punchy color, I recently took a day trip to Miami, and got really inspired by the bright and beautiful colors in South Florida. I came across this Lauren Conrad dress online in the clearance section for $10! The color in person is much more coral than the website makes it look, but it was one of those positive surprises since I actually like the color more!


I broke out last year’s Steve Madden crochet ballet flats, an awesome aqua necklace with a mint bracelet that I thrifted, and completed the look with a cream cardigan from H&M. We walked around a fun part of St.Pete Beach and found some cool new spots!


It was such a sunny day, I had to break out my new Ray-Ban wayfarers, I love these classic sunglasses, and now I feel like my sunnies collection is finally complete! I really love how this dress is so flattering, it’s great for any body type. I really also enjoy the length, it’s long enough that you can bend over to pick up the kids without showing anything inappropriate, yet short enough to really elongate the leg!


I can’t believe what I great deal I got on this dress! I always feel awesome when I can spend less and still get the value of splurging. I’ll be able to wear this dress so many different ways through Spring and Summer, would have been worth the $50 original price, but I got it for free! Be sure to check out Kohls Yes 2 You Rewards so you can get deals like this too!




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