Plaid – ly in Love.

plaid top ruffle

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with plaid. Call me Scottish- which I am- but there’s just something about the different criss-crossed patterns of fun and different colors together that just really speaks to me. However, I’ve never really cared too much for how a basic plaid button down looks on my body without jazzing it up a bit. When I found this adorable plaid top at Target It had to be mine. The sleeves fit so much […]

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  One of this Summer’s hottest trends has got to be wearing everything off-the-shoulder. You can find rompers, tops, dresses and even swimsuits sporting this fabulous trend. While I have never been much for “trends” I can not help but love this seasons style and have definitely picked up a few pieces that fall off-the-shoulder. One of my favorite new pieces is this top from Target. It looks great with shorts or jeans and is perfectly loose enough to easily […]

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Remix Your Closet!! #30daysofpositivechange

It’s pouring and gross here and has been awful all day. So obviously an outdoor walk isn’t in my near future. Instead I focused on doing a small 18 min workout on FitTV OnDemand. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the importance of emphasizing the POSITIVE part of my 30 day challenge, even though I can’t go outside and workout, this gives me a GREAT reason to get creative indoors. I put some coffee on (I’ll admit […]

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