6 Post C-Section Recovery Tips.

tips for c-section recovery

OMG you guys I had another baby! Naturally I took some time to recover and bond as a new family of four, but I’m FINALLY feeling like myself again, and certainly not taking this feeling for granted. While I knew what to mentally prepare for going into this c-section, I think that “new motherhood delirium” made me completely forget the severe amount of pain that tags along with a c-section. The surgery is only the start of a painful process, […]

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5 Easy Tips for a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Hoppy Easter! I’m so excited to share this day with my family and Cash, as Easter was one of my favorite holidays growing up! We’d get up bright and early like it was Christmas, and rummage through our baskets filled with chocolates, markers, and fun little trinkets! Then when we were done with our baskets, we’d search all over the house for the Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny laid in our home! Our Easter Bunny always left a prize […]

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