Werking it in Workwear

curvy work attire

Since I’m budgeting myself a lot more this year I really want to maximize the amount of outfits I can get with each item of clothing I own. When I purchase anything I always think how much wear I’ll get out of it, this makes it easy to decide whether or not it’s an item worth buying. I’m most particular about dresses because they don’t give a lot of versatility at times, but I LOVE adding cute skirts to my […]

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Werk it- Workwear

I’m not going to post about how I had planned all these amazing outfits for NYFW and then a stupid horrible hurricane came through and ruined those plans. Like, I’m not doing that at all. Instead I’m finding new ways to incorporate those amazing outfits into my everyday life. I have no need on a daily basis for workwear attire to be honest. I work on my blog and keep two tiny humans alive all day basically, so while I […]

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