The Clarks 2017

I talk a lot about my family, as if you all already know them. We had our very first round of professional family pictures taken with Laura Davis Photo at Brando’s first birthday party and they turned out so good I wanted to share them with you all. Since it’d be weird to just have a post with a ton of personal family pics, I thought it would be nice to share some fun info about us, the Clarks, and what’s going on with us in 2017.


In March we moved to Celebration, aka “Disney’s Town” although Disney doesn’t own it anymore unfortunately. We live within walking distance to a community pool, Starbucks, and tons of local restaurants and shops. James and I love taking the boys out for longer walks around the neighborhood, and try to walk for 1 hr at least once a day.

James and I are currently on a huge health kick. He’s down 15lbs and I’m down 15inches so far! We practice a low-carb lifestyle, but don’t count the carbs in fruit or green veggies since that’s where the bulk of our nutrition comes from. I do one Team Beachbody workout a day, 6 days a week, and James hits up the gym for an hour daily M-F. It’s so amazing to have such a supportive and health-conscious husband. We keep each other on track when we’re having our weak moments.


Brando just turned one, he’s super into all food related things and basically just wants to do anything and everything big brother does. He’s so close to walking I can’t stand the wait anymore. He stands on his own and does this funny “crab” like crawl, so I know he’ll be running around very soon! He’s much bigger size wise than Cash was, Cash takes after me and my small frame, while it seems like Brando is taking after Daddy. In fact, even though Cash is almost 4 now, they can basically share clothes.

Cash is as crazy and wild as ever. He loves watching movies, especially Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Storks, Angry Birds and anything featuring the Minions. He’s gotten very imaginative playing with his toys, making up the craziest situations, and making all of them fight each other. His favorite toys right now are these creepy little robot bugs called Hexbugs, they crawl all over your floor just like real bugs and I am so over it, lol. He’s also starting to speak in sentences, his favorites are: “Mommy what are you doing?” “Mommy let’s go buy bugs at Target” “Mommy I stole your seat” “Oh, Hi Daddy” and “What the Helk”.

This year, James and I are trying to figure out exactly where we’d like to buy a house, we’re really unsure when it comes to making such a large purchase, so we’re traveling A LOT these days, leaving no location stone unturned. We just spent a week at Topsail Beach in NC, and next on the agenda is the Cape Cod area.

So that’s us this year in a nutshell! Tell me a little about your family in the comments! Shop this post:

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