The Lady & Sons – Savannah

You know what I LOVE? A good spur of the moment road trip. After Easter dinner last Sunday, my sister-in-law (Becky)  mentioned going to visit my other sister-in-law (Diana)  when my mother-in-law (Katie) was also planning on going up to visit.  (still following? lol)  Diana lives about 45 min away from Downtown Savannah, and since I have been DYING to check out Savannah, I decided to tag along with my crew.

the lady and sons restaurant paula seen

One of the major things I wanted to do on this visit was eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady & Sons, so after booking the hotel room, I quickly made our reservations. I couldn’t wait to dive in and splurge on some delicious southern cuisine.

When we got to the restaurant we immediately noticed the level of service was on a Southern Hospitality level we had never experienced before. Our server was excellent and the hostess was so sweet playing with all 5 kids we had in tow, bringing them crayons, and doling out high-fives left and right. After we got our drinks, a man came by with skillet fried corn bread, which Cash thought was a pancake, and the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth butter cheese biscuit I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

While I selected the lunch buffet as my main course, to get the MOST bang for my bucks, I also ordered an appetizer of fried green tomatoes. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the south I watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes approximately 1478 times, so I was SO excited to try some authentic ones! Served with Tangy Ranch (think ranch with lemon and tabasco) these green tomatoes were breaded with just the right about of sugar in the batter to compliment the tartness of the green tomato. These are a must try for anyone who plans on visiting.

When I filled my buffet plate I grabbed Macaroni & Cheese, Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Fried Chicken, BBQ Pork, Black Eyed Peas and just a taste of Cheesy Meatloaf. Obviously I wasn’t trying to eat healthy at this place, and I have no guilt or qualms about it. The macaroni was decadent, cheesy, and perfectly tender, the mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned, the chicken tasted like golden fried perfection, and I think my favorite part was actually the black eyed peas. Peas can be easily over/under salted but these were absolutely  amazing right from the buffett. This entire meal reminded me of all the 5th Sunday dinner’s we would attend after church service as a kid. All the food was filled with butter and love.

We took our time eating our lunches, to be sure we had room for dessert. Our server brought us one of each dessert offered, so we could all enjoy a little bit of each one. Peach Cobbler, Banana Pudding, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cake(x2 in the picture). The Ooey Gooey Butter cake, both the regular and Chocolate versions were by far my favorite. It was as if a pound cake and a hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut had a delicious culinary baby. The texture melted in your mouth and the light glaze on top provided the perfect amount of sugary sweetness.

Brando had his first experience with Fried Chicken and was IN LOVE. All in all this was definitely worth the trip, and when I go back to Savannah I WILL be back at The Lady & Sons. Have you been to Savannah or Paula Deen’s restaurant? What did you order/think? Let me know in the comments below!


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