The Transport Tote

You know “those moms” that are constantly carrying large purses and digging all through them for anything? That’s me. I always like my bag to have plenty of room for everything I need (including diapers, wipes, random toys, sunnies and tons of lip options) therefore I always need a larger sized bag. Enter the Madewell transport tote.

I was a little iffy about this bag at first. If you know me, you know that I buy two handbags a year, one in spring and one in fall, and that’s ALL I get purse wise. I’m trying to start more of a designer collection, but want to keep myself within a specific budget. That being said, buying a pricier carryall bag-in black no less, that looks like something anyone could have picked up at Target, doesn’t necessarily give me all the feels for a Spring bag.

When you think spring bag, initially you think a fun color or floral pattern, or just something a little “lighter” overall. For me this bag has the versatility I need while building my bag collection. It’s black (and I own 0 black bags), but the tan handles lighten it up a bit, making it great for all seasons.

The Transport Tote, is built just as it’s named. You can transport anything in it, which is awesome. I can fill it with Farmer’s Market finds, while still keeping plenty of room for an extra water bottle. This bag is also really awesome for travel. The amount of space in the bag allows for electronics, make-up, boarding passes, etc… And its large opening makes it much easier to find things buried deep inside it, unlike some other bags I’ve come across where you have to keep digging and basically take everything out of your bag to find something.

Madewell carries this transport tote in a variety of colors to fit your needs, but I highly suggest it be on your Spring/Summer bag list. Are you a big bag girl or a “take as little as I possibly can” minimal bag shopper?


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