Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I spent a lot of Valentine’s Days single before I met James, so having someone to celebrate this day of love with every year for the rest of my life makes me so ecstatic. Rather than splurge on a ton of fancy gifts, I thought it might be a little more fun this year to also think of some fun date ideas for the whole family. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, we’ll definitely have the kids on Valentine’s and then spend the weekend celebrating just the two of us.

valentine's day outfit ideas

For Valentine’s Day we’ve decided to take the kids to Hollywood & Vine for character breakfast at Hollywood Studios. James and I were really impressed at the buffet selection when we popped in for dinner a few weeks ago and you get to meet Minnie, Daisy, Mickey, Donald and Goofy while you’re eating so it’s going to be an awesome experience for the kiddos.

Family Valentine’s Date Ideas:

  • go out to breakfast or dinner as a family and really treat yourself to all the sweets like pancakes
  • bake cupcakes or sugar cookies and decorate them as a family. This is especially fun for the kids
  • make valentine’s for grandparents and other family members and personally stop by to drop them off
  • Chuck’E’Cheese or Dave & Buster’s for a really fun family memory and some delicious meals.
  • Family Movie Marathon– create goody baskets filled with all your favorite concessions and have a family movie marathon in the living room. I love to watch all the Charlie Brown specials around the holiday seasons.
  • Family Movie Night– even if it’s a weekday or a school night, that’s what makes it extra special, take everyone out for a fun family feature
  • Make Dinner Together – Every year, since our first year together, on Valentine’s day, James and I have always made gourmet grilled cheese and soup and bought some kind of delicious cupcakes for dessert. It’s kind of our tradition and it’ll be even more fun this year to cook together since Cash is really into helping in the kitchen these days!

valentine's day date ideas

Couples Date Ideas:

  • Dress up and go to a classy “menu” restaurant as James and I like to jokingly call it. Order fancy dishes and do not dare look at the price. Really enjoy the ambiance and the experience. Giving yourself a chance to get really jazzed up is a great way to reconnect.
  • Mini-Golf or TopGolf – this is actually a really great date to give to your lover, since let’s be honest girls- we don’t always let them enjoy the most manly things all the time. Mini-Golf and TopGolf are ways to show your man that you care about his interests too, and have fun in the process!
  • Indoor Skydiving. James- who is very afraid of heights- had the best time when we got to experience iFly Brandon last year. It was such a great time so if you’re looking for a different and adventurous date idea, this is definitely one I recommend.
  • Concert, Sporting Event, State Fair – There are always a ton of concerts or games around where we live and this is fair/festival season down here in Florida so grabbing some fried oreos & a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Burger would be a heavenly vday treat.
  • Target Trip – Listen fellas, there is nothing your lady loves more than you, except for maybe Target. If you really wanna win her heart, take her on a mini Target shopping spree complete with a latte at Starbucks & a small Popcorn from the cafe! Bonus points if you have kids and agree to watch them so she can go there by herself!
  • Escape Room – I purchased an escape room experience for James’ birthday last year and it was soooo much fun. If you think you love someone this is the perfect way to test the waters, especially if you’re both super competitive!

valentine's day date ideas

No matter what you do, just be sure to take an extra moment of your time to really be grateful for all the people you have in your life who love you on a daily basis. For me, this day is almost a sort of “Thanksgiving” but with better food & clothing. I love sharing my love with others and love the opportunity to celebrate the ones who love and support me the most.

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