Valentine’s Gift Ideas

valentine's day gift ideas for the whole family

So I have been known to go all out for holidays from time to time. Honestly I spent a lot of my time before James single on Valentine’s Day, so getting to actually have a forever Valentine, and two little men to give some extra love too on this special day really does excite me. I like to think of Valentine’s Day as Christmas Part 2, we don’t have a HUGE budget or anything, but we like to do something fun and memorable as a family, and exchange a few gifts.

valentine's day gift ideas for the whole family

James’ and I typically have a budget of about $100-$150 on each other, and $50-$100 for the kids combined. I’ll usually just make the boys little candy gift baskets with one toy they’ll like inside (think Easter basket style but in all red & white & pink & black) but more on that in another post…

This guide does have some splurge ideas if you’re really feeling love-y, but most of these ideas are $100 or much less!

For Him

valentine's day gift ideas for him

  1. Concert/Sporting Event tickets. I’ve found that my husband particularly is really into experiences more. If he wants or needs something, he typically takes time to go out and get it for himself, so gifting him surprise “things” he’ll really enjoy can be a little more tricky. I’ve found that tickets to concerts or sporting events are something that’s much more up his ally. So check out Groupon for deals and specials on activities in your area on the cheap!
  2. Experiences. Refer to my last post about some fun experience date ideas, but anything along the lines of an escape room, sporing event, or TopGolf experience is sure to wow him and show him how much his interests also mean to you.
  3. A Watch. In my personal opinion a man can never own too many watches. They’re basically like the only arm candy a straight man can rock all the time, so I always like to gift James with different watch styles on gifting holidays. Wood watches- from JORD are a great unique option for the man that has it all, while a new Apple Watch band is a great option for the techie in your life.
  4. Cologne. James is personally super into scents, so I love getting him new ones to try out. Cologne always makes a great gift because it’s not something a man would typically spend the money on or go out and purchase on a regular basis. Some of my favorite affordable scents for my man are all available at Target for under $50! I love all the David Beckham ones personally!
  5. A Drone. Ok while some can be pricey there are a TON of good deals on Amazon (that are Primeable hallelujah!) for small drones which are such fun and cool gifts for guys. It’s like when they had remote control cars and helicopters as kids but on a much more modern & mature level.

For The Kids

valentine's day gift ideas for kids

  1. Candy Baskets. This is something I always do, just like Easter. I put together cute little red, pink and white heart shaped things full of all MY favorite candies to be sure I get a couple bites of the things I love too. I pack my kids full of Hammond’s Candies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts, a Mini Whitman’s Heart (always the Charlie Brown ones if they have them!), and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Hearts.
  2. A Cool Toy They’ve Been Wanting. While a little pricier than what we’d normally spend on his vday present, Cash has nailed potty training lately and so we’re planning on splurging for him and getting him a Hatchamel cause he’s been asking for one everyday for like a month now. Getting your kid any toy that they really want (just one to not overdo it) is a great idea and a wonderful surprise.
  3. A Snazzy New Outfit. This is something my mom used to do for me all the time. I’d wake up Valentine’s morning with a cute new dress and shoes are something along those lines. Having something special and new to wear for the day made me beam with confidence as I handed out the Barbie Valentine’s to my classmates. We typically had a nice Valentine’s party in classes or something while in school, so I loved having something special to wear for those things!
  4. Family Date. Taking the kids out for Ice Cream or Cupcakes or to see a movie on Valentine’s Day is a great way to treat them to something out of the ordinary on a weeknight and make the day super memorable for them. As I mentioned before James and I are planning on taking the boys for character dining breakfast at Hollywood Studios on Valentine’s Day this year!
  5. Tech Stuff. Let’s be real our kids are all about the App Store, so iTunes gift cards, new earbuds, cool phone/ipad cases and the like are all great gift ideas that are really affordable for Valentine’s Day. I LOVE this idea so much because honestly it saves me a little bread down the line since I know I’ll end up replacing earbuds and buying the movie they want to digitally download eventually.

For Her

valentine's gift ideas for her

    1. Traditional Gifts.  These are gifts that you can’t go wrong with on Valentine’s Day. They don’t require a ton of thought or preparation, but gifts like flowers, chocolates, perfumes, lingerie, balloons, and a fancy dinner are all amazing ideas for your partner. She’d love any and all of that jazz, just remember- get the good chocolates and flowers are an addition TO a gift, not a gift on their own. 😉
    2. Initial Necklace. This is honestly pretty high on my wish list this year for Valentine’s Day. If your girl loves Taylor Swift she’ll know this line from ‘Call it what you Want’ on her new album Reputation.  ” I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck. Not because he owns me, but because he really knows me. ” And OMG if my husband gets the hint from this post and the fact that I’ve been randomly blasting that part of the song on repeat over the bluetooth speaker in the house then I’ll probably pee my pants. I just think it’s the cutest line ever and I really want an initial necklace with my lover’s initial on it now. It’s such a sweet idea fellas.
    3. Self Care Goody Basket. Look go to Lush, Basin, Sephora or Bath & Body Works and load up on nice candles, body washes, bath bombs, bubble baths, lotion, face scrubs, face masks and all that jazz and create something your little mama will LOVE. Honestly a girl can never have too many bath bombs in her life, and we all love self care kits. Knowing you took the time to pick out scents and products you think we’ll enjoy is also such a treat. Shop below for my favorite self-care goodies.

4.  Jewelry with Meaning. James and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2014, and while I’m not saying get her a rock, something significant is a super sweet and special gift for any lady. Whether it be the Marc Jacobs watch she’s been wanting, a heart shaped necklace you saw at the mall, or an Etsy bar necklace with your anniversary stamped into it, dainty & delicate pieces of jewelry are my favorite gifts to get. It just shows that the person giving it wanted to make the day extra special and wants to be associated with something you’ll wear all the time, which therefore means they’ll always be there for you. Maybe that’s just my weird ass reasoning, but I like it.
5. Give me all the Pink. Honestly I, like a lot of women, love the color pink, but rarely purchase it because I always think about practicality when I purchase for myself. Getting fun things in the color pink (millennial pink to be exact this year) gives me all the feels. I am really actually hoping for a new pair of pink adidas tbh *wink James wink*. Pink just makes me feel loved and thats what vday is all about!

No matter what you give and get this year, I’m sure we all know the most important gift is the time we give each other. Spending time doing anything together is always the only gift that can never be returned or exchanged in the future, it’s a gift that keeps on giving with it’s memories. Be grateful for all the love you have to celebrate this year! What are your vday plans this year?


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