Vintage Sass for Birthday Weekend Day 1!


It’s the start of my birthday weekend! I know I’m getting to that age where you’re “supposed” to be mature and not really care, “just another year older”, but I’m not. I always have and always will LOVE my birthday! It’s a special day just to celebrate the fact that I’m alive! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t get excited about that sort of thing? Anyway, I always love to have special outfits for my birthday weekend. These outfits make me feel sexy, cool, and are comfortable no matter what my birthday surprises may be!


Today since I don’t think I’m doing much, I picked out an Indigo Denim Pencil Skirt (Forever 21) a great cream/navy polka dot tank (The Limited), Tomato Red Cardigan (Forever 21), and a pop of color with turquoise flats also from Forever 21!  I accessorized with a great big gingham bow in my hair, simple bangles, and oversized gold/red studs. I love how I could literally wear this outfit anywhere! Pictured I’m running around the park with Cash, but it totally works for a fancy dinner, movies, picnic, it’s perfect for any surprise that may occur!


Publix Birthday Cake & Flowers,


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