Werk it- Workwear

I’m not going to post about how I had planned all these amazing outfits for NYFW and then a stupid horrible hurricane came through and ruined those plans. Like, I’m not doing that at all. Instead I’m finding new ways to incorporate those amazing outfits into my everyday life. I have no need on a daily basis for workwear attire to be honest. I work on my blog and keep two tiny humans alive all day basically, so while I do like to put on cute outfits, workwear has never been one of those “go-to” outfits for day to day.

Then I thought, just because I’m not doing anything super fabulous on Monday doesn’t mean I can’t dress fabulously. So I put on a great workwear outfit and took the boys across the street to the hotel for a fancy lunch. This look is 10000% me channeling my inner Blair Waldorf (and if you don’t know who that is honestly, do you even know me?!?) and I could not be more comfortable or feel more confident than I did wearing this look.

I’ve had this H&M asymmetrical wrap skirt since February and literally JUST took the tags off. If you’re curvy like I am, this skirt runs VERY small. I typically wear a size 14 right now and since I’m familiar with H&M clothing running small, I sized up to a 16 ordering this online. It JUST started to fit, and I’ve lost 15 lbs and 8 inches in my hips in the last 3 months and am just about in a size 12, so size up TWO sizes if you’re interested in this little ditty. Also I have to say it was worth the wait. This skirt fits like a glove right now, it hugs my curves in all the right places and disguises my food baby with the wrap.

It’s also the PERFECT length for all you short girls like me out there. Hitting my legs 3 inches above the knee is the perfect length to hide my thunder thighs, but still elongate my legs helping me look longer, leaner and taller.

I paired it with a simple white button down top from Old Navy. These tops are wrinkle resistant so they’re great for anyone who’s constantly moving around or traveling for work. The outfit was great with just the top and skirt, but adding this navy suiting vest proved to finish off the look in a slightly fashion forward way. While heavy and durable this vest didn’t add a lot of heat to the outfit so I wasn’t sweating to death in the Florida sun. It was the “wow” factor to an already solid outfit and I highly suggest finding a piece like this. It’s not something I can wear all the time, but when I wear it, I always get compliments and feel tres chic.

Finally this look was MADE when I added these incredible mirrored rose gold mules. One thing I’ve picked up on by watching hours of other fashion blogger’s insta-stories who were at NYFW is that statement shoes are SO huge this fall. Basically you want your shoes to tell a story, so that you can simplify your wardrobe transitioning through seasons. Think embroidered boots, mirrored flats, lots of pearls on shoes, glitter, fur, etc… anything that stands out from the ordinary as far as footwear goes is great for the Fall & Winter this year, so feel free to add a few pairs of fun to your wardrobe in your seasonal refresh.


Overall this is a great millennial-chic #bossbabe look that you can pull off as workwear and rock at happy hour afterwards!

(my exact skirt and vest are sold out so I linked similar ones!)


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